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Iranian Tobacco Company

Date: 30/4/1358 [21 July 1979]

Number: 4546

Enclosure -----


Personnel Office of the Iranian Tobacco Company

As several employees of the Tobacco Company in this area have inquired from Haj Sayyid[i] Abdolhosein Dastgheib concerning the [religious] ideology of Ms. Victoreh Gholshan, he has ordered the Tobacco Company in [illegible] to terminate her employment. The allegations were forwarded to this [Regional Division] and she has been [so informed] and via a letter dated 26/4/1358 [17 July 1979].  In a note dated 27/4/1358 [18 July 1979], she applied to be transferred to Tehran and the Tobacco Company has agreed to her transfer for her convenience. We enclose herewith a copy of the employees' letter together with Ms. Victoreh Gholshan’s letter dated 26/4/1358 [17 July 1979]. Please effect the transfer of Ms. Victoreh Gholshan and appoint Ms. Soghra Armin, who has been designated as her replacement, to the post of administrative officer, position number 4303, and notify us when this has been done.

Tobacco Company, Fars [Regional Division]


Recipient of the copy

Regional Administrative Affairs











[i] An honorific denoting people accepted as descendants of the Islamic prophet, Mohammad