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Court of Administrative Justice

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Court Order

Date: ------138

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Date of Investigation: 19 Tir 1387 [9 July 2008]

Case reference number: 130/4/87

Court order number: 691

Issued by: Branch 4 of the Court of Administrative Justice

Plaintiff: Miss Sara Naddafiyan Ghamsari - Address: [Redacted]

Complaint Against [Defendant]: National Education Measurement and Evaluation Organization

Subject of Complaint and Claim: As indicated in the application [re-enrolment at the university for continuing her university education]

Procedure synopsis: Subsequent to the complaint of the above plaintiff, the case was referred to the Court of Administrative Justice. After its registration under number 2976 - 28 Farvardin 1378 [16 April 2008], it was referred to this Branch [4] for the deliberation. Branch 4 of the Court of Administrative Justice, presided over by the undersigned individuals, reviewed the case file and, considering the existing bills, concluded the proceedings and rendered its decision as follows.


The Decision of the Court 

Regarding the petition of the plaintiff, in order to issue a verdict on the obligation of the defendant to provide permission for her to register at the university to continue studies, according to the contents of the case, and considering that the matter is directed by the Ministry of Education and Science, of which the Measurement and Evaluation Organization is a subsidiary, and the case has previously been investigated, and according to court order number 273 – 28 Ordibehesht 1378 [16 April 2008], it has been rejected and announced, the case is considered closed.  Therefore, based on Articles 7, 22, 48 of Court of Administrative Justice procedures, approved in 2006, and Article 20 of the Court’s Procedure, the petition will be rejected and announced. The vote is final.

The Chief of Justice in Branch 4 of the Court of Administrative Justice:

Seyyed Kaẓem Mousavi

The Advisor in Branch4 of the Court of Administrative Justice:


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Certified copy, the transcription or copy corresponds with the original, Branch 4 of the Court of Administrative Justice


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Dated 21 Aban 1387 [11 November 2008]

Behesht Street (southern corner of Park-e Shahr) Court of Administrative Justice – Telephone 5609031-8