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Ministry of the Interior

Office -----

Date 19/7/1335 [11 October 1956]

Number 6633/S/5663

Enclosure -----



Urgent, Confidential, Direct


Governor’s Office

Following letters, number 577- [date:] 17/6/1325 [8 September 1956] and 3659/41371- [date:] 17/5/1335 [8 August 1956] and 6032/5085- [date:] 29/6/1335 [20 September 1956], based on the information at hand, [the office of] the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is in that town and in surrounding regions has become a place of debauchery and indulgence under the pretext of a public or cultural institution, and the furniture and belongings of the Assembly are in use by individuals and government officers. Given that usage of such properties without legal authority is considered a criminal offence, it is ordered that the venues in possession of the Baha’is in the name of the Assembly be vacated within one week, and the furniture delivered to [illegible], and the receipt forwarded to us.  Any delay or breach in the enforcement of this order will have serious consequences. Please advise us of the outcome so that [your report] can be submitted to the Office of the Prime Minister.

Minister of the Interior