Varqa Tebyanian (Tebyani)

Born: 1923, Sangsar, Semnan

Executed in an unusually cruel manner in Tehran on 24 June 1981


Varqa Tebyanian (Tebyani) was born into a Baha’i family.  At the age of 16 he left school to enter the workforce and assist his father with the family’s financial needs.  He opened a small store in Damghan, however a short while later the fanatical populace looted and destroyed it.  He then returned to Sangsar and married at the age of 18.  In 1956 he and his family pioneered to Fazelabad, a suburb of Gorgan.  He established a farm there and resided in the area for 12 years.  He then moved to Tehran so that his children could attend high school.

On 13 March 1979 he was arrested and imprisoned in Qasr prison for 5 months before being released.  He was arrested again on 1 September 1980 and imprisoned at Evin prison.  He was tortured severely during his imprisonment and executed on 24 June 1981.  The manner of his execution was unusually cruel in that he was shot one bullet at a time starting from his feet upwards over the course of nearly 7 hours.


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