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In the Name of God


From:  The Islamic Republic Air Force Command Headquarters (Health)

To: The Head of the Air Force Central Hospital


Re: Personnel who are the followers of the Baha’i Faith

Further to [letter] number: 1600-01-97- [Date:] 6/05/1359 [28 July 1980]


In accordance with the directive of the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force Command Headquarters (administration of non-commissioned staff) [and] letter number 402-04-53- [Date:] 10/04/1359 [1 July 1980], the Adjutancy of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Islamic Republic Armed Forces has determined that civilian staff member, Varghaiyyeh Bazm, [whose personnel details are outlined below], be dismissed from employment from 1/5/1359 [23 July 1980].  You are directed to give instructions for her dismissal from the above date and forward a copy of the section of the relevant Order to this Health Department so that the necessary follow-up steps can be taken.

The Islamic Republic Air Force, Director of Health, Colonel Dr. Dastghayb



Name - Varghaiyyeh Bazm

Father’s name: - Haydar

Specialty – Nurse

Unit – Central Hospital

Lieutenant Zandi 2564

[Handwritten note, number and date on top of the page]


1600 – 01 – 107

27/5/1359 [18 August 1980]