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[Adapted from website:] Vareth

[Date:] 24 Esfand 1393 [15 March 2015]


The book “Baha’ism is not a Religion”, written by the late Professor Abo-Torab Hodaie, was published by Amirkabir Publications.

Vareth: The book “Bahaism is not a Religion”, written by the late Professor Abo-Torab Hodaie, researched and edited by Mohammad Lotfipour, was published by Amirkabir Publications.

The author of the work (born in 1274 [1895], died in 1373 [1994]), is one of the learned in the field of Islamic Sciences and Education, who, with his lectures and writings has been the source of many works to enlighten the people in the holy cities of Mashhad, Arak, Kurdistan, Malayer, etc…

The book, which was compiled in five main chapters, entitled, “Generalities”, “Babism”, “Baha’ism”, “Conversation with the Baha’is”, and “Study of the Twelve Principles of Baha’ism” in 1324 [1945], is one of the first books to reject Baha’ism. It is a unique source to show the nature and background of this perverse sect.

The total effort of the book is to view the teachings of Baha’ism from the argumentative and logical point of view, and in certain cases look at their political and historical issues to prove that Baha’ism is not a divine religion but a sect created and formed by colonialism, which cannot meet the spiritual needs of human beings.

The most important research features of this book are: documenting all the contents of the book and adding pictures and explanations in the form of footnotes for easier understanding; chaptering and arranging the contents; and presenting the bibliography of the rejection of the Baha’i sect.