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[Adapted from website:] BBC Persian

[Date:] 15 Ordibehesht 1390 [5 May 2011]


A Baha’i Was Taken Around the City of Tonekabon on Foot

Several Times Baha’is Have Been Summoned and Detained in Mazandaran Province

Sources in the Baha’i community in Iran say that one of the followers of this religion was arrested in Mazandaran Province, and after several harsh interrogations, was taken to Tonekabon City in shackles. Relatives and friends of Vajihollah Mirzagolpour, 71 years old, told BBC Persian that after being summoned by the Sari Intelligence Office, he was transferred to Tonekabon and interrogated there.

This is several times that Baha’is have been detained in Sari and other cities in Mazandaran Province on charges of propaganda against the regime.

According to his relatives, Vajihollah Mirzagolpour, a resident of Safarabad Village in Sari Dstrict, has heart disease. He was hospitalized for treatment a week before his arrest. His family said they still do not know exactly what charges he faces and describe his continued detention as illegal.

Friends and relatives of Vajihollah Mirzagolpour, who asked not to be named, told BBC Persian that on Tuesday of this week, in order to put more pressure on him, he was shackled and taken around the city on foot in public. According to one source, earlier during the interrogation, they had bashed his head against a wall and kicked him in the side, to force him to confess.

Vesal Mahboubi, Torreh Taghizadeh and Houshang Fanaian are among the Baha’is who have been sentenced to prison in recent months in Sari and Amol. Vesal Mahboubi is the brother of Sara Mahboubi, who was recently released from the Intelligence detention centre.

Feizollah Rowshan is one of the Baha’is living in Sari who has been released on bail on charges of propaganda against regime; according to his family, his trial will take place in a few days.