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Islamic Consultative Assembly - Public Relations Office


Dear Mr. Bakhtiari

In order to investigate and follow up the registered letter from Vahid Mirza-Golpour, dated 5 Dey 1395 [25 December 2016] in the public relations office of Mr. Larijani, the speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, (Mr. Nouri), the notary public for Mr. Bakhtiari, sent a letter to the Justice Department, addressed to Mr. Mirkouhi, the deputy for legal and parliamentary affairs of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, and he sent an attachment to Mr. Taghavifard, the head the of the judiciary of Mazandaran Province, and another attachment to Mr. Mohades, the secretary of the judiciary, on 14 Dey 1395 [3 January 2017], from this organ the secretariat of the judiciary in response regarding this case to Mr. Taghavifard, the head the of the judiciary of Mazandaran Province. In return, he received a response from Mr. Mohades, the secretary of the judiciary. And a reply from him referred to the secretariat of the judiciary of the country with the description and attachment of the same letter by Mr. Taghavifard to the political and security deputy of the governorate of Mr. Younesi and its registration in the governorate of Mazandaran, and its follow-up should be done in Sari.


Description of recent events about advertising:

1- Official Guardian of the Supreme National Security Council.

2- Legal expert of the Secretariat of the Judiciary.

3- Familiarity with Mr. Ehtesham and discussion about the Baha’i Faith and acquaintance with two prominent lawyers, one of whom is acquainted with Mr. Shahroudi’s son and the other is a good friend of the brother of Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

Issue: 237500 Islamic Consultative Assembly

An envelope was received by Ghanbari, a representative of the people of the shops in Sari, in the name of the head of the Commission for Article 90 on 6 Dey 1395 [26 December 2016].

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