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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Dear Mr. Nouri,

Deputy Minister of Communications and Control Office of the Presidency of the Islamic Consultative Assembly:


Referring to letter number 76915, registration number of the Islamic Consultative Assembly

Copy: Dated 5 Dey 1395 [25 December 2016] for your information

On 5 Dey 1395 [25 December 2016], a letter from the esteemed deputy for parliamentary affairs and legal affairs of the Judiciary, Mr. Abdol-Ali Mirkouhi, with registration number 22650, was sent to the head of the Judiciary of Mazandaran, Mohammad Ali Taghavifard, with registration number 9018/15537/, dated 7 Dey 1395 [27 December 2016].

Telephone number of Mazandaran Secretariat of Judiciary: 33305413

And on 27 Dey 1395 [16 January 2017], the esteemed Department of Justice of Mazandaran sent a reply, registration number 9018/16319/5, to Mr. Mirkuhi.

(But there is no information about the content of the response dated 27 Dey 1395 [16 January 2017].)

Tehran, Valiasr St., past Imam Khomeini crossroads, in front of the police station 129:

Address: Mirkuhi Jami, corner of Pasteur St., General Office of the Secretariat of the Judiciary

119: Internal

Contact number: 020 66952536