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The Ministry of Education, Endowments and Philanthropy

The Office of Education, Endowments and Philanthropy

Number 313

Date: 12 Sunbula [illegible] 1300 [3 September 1921]


The Esteemed Position of the Honourable Ministry of Education and Endowments, may his glory be everlasting

In response to written note number 3050, regarding the Vahdat-e Bashar School, I hereby bring it to your blessed attention that I have previously provided extensive reports regarding this subject and have asked for clarifications regarding my responsibility. Unfortunately, in the previous cabinet we received a vague and complicated reply which made the responsibility more unclear. In response to that we submitted an explanation, number 245, and never had the privilege of receiving a response.

Now too, I briefly bring it to your attention: Fifteen years ago, the founder of this school, even though it is one of the best schools in Kashan as far as organization and education [are concerned], was a Baha’i; up to now, it has been running on the funds of the same person, who has since passed away. A committee, which is called the committee of the schools of Vahdat-e Bashar [Unity of Mankind], which consists of a few Baha’is, Muslims and Jewish people, [has] the financial responsibility for it, and they say it is a branch of the Tarbiat School of Tehran. Maybe some of the family members, as in some of the schools of Tehran, have different beliefs, but [they] would not dare share their religious teachings with their students and their education is according to the formal programme of the ministry. So this is the truth of the matter that I have brought to your attention without any hesitation or cover-up.

Nevertheless, if the heads of affairs of the esteemed ministry wish for me to arrange the closing down of this school, please advise explicitly that this school, undoubtedly, needs to close down, so that I can obey and carry out the order; otherwise I will not be carrying the bad reputation of dissolving an organized school when facing the negotiations and the arguments of the large population of the Baha’is of Tehran and Kashan with any decisive evidence or documents.

The reply to the letters sent regarding the statistics of the schools and the establishment of a reading class, and the others, will be sent after the completion of the Ashoura holy days, and [I] will inform you of the necessary steps taken.


[Signature and stamp]