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The Telegraph Office of the Exalted Government of Iran


Sample number: 16

Book number: -----

Year 139


From: -----

To: -----

Invoice number: ----- 

Cable number: ----- 

Number of words: ----  

Original date issued: -----  

Explanations: ------

Date received: 18 Mizan (18 Mehr) [10 October]


[Illegible] Kashan, 18 Mizan (Mehr) [10 October], Vahdat-i Bashar School, a famous school that has been operating for several years in Kashan, is considering changing its ownership as a result of disputes and exaggerations such as [illegible] and [will be] handed over to the Education Department.  As it turns out, because of [illegible], this school’s students have been dismayed and scattered. 

[Signed:] Sardar Shoja


[Handwritten note bottom of the page:] Southern Department, publications branch, [date:] 20 Mizan (month of Mehr) [12 October]

Copy to the Ministry of Education - Copy was prepared [signature]