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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Telegraph Office of the Eminent Government of Iran



Sample number: 16, 16

Tome number: 228

Year: 129 [1300]


From: Kashan

To: Tehran

Receipt number: 548

Telegraph number: 51

Number of words: 54

Original date: 18

Description: Official

Date received: 18 Mizan [18 Mehr [1300] [10 October 1921]

Addressee: ---


The Honourable Office of the Ministry of the Interior,

According to telegram number 3500 which was received from the Ministry of Education, the local Office of Education was instructed and yesterday the School of Vahdat-e Bashar was received by the Office of Education and will be busy making arrangements to implement the other instructions of the above-mentioned telegram [illegible].830

Sardar [Commander] Shoja’ 


Office: South, 19 Mizan [19 Mehr [1300] [11 October 1921]