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[Newspaper:] Jomhoury-e Eslami

[Date:] Sunday 24 Azar 1364 – 2 Rabi‘ath- Thani 1406 - [15 December 1985]

[Issue No.:] 1897


United States and Its Allies Support Terrorists and Iranian Spies by Signing Resolution in United Nations General Assembly


Israel’s Supporters in the United Nations Condemn Islamic Iran

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate!

Once again, the United Nations has become a plaything in the hand of the United States and has prompted the United Nations into repeating themes that Washington and some of its allies had been propagating long ago.  On Saturday night, the United States, Israel, France, the United Kingdom and Iraq, plus 48 other countries, [all] accomplices of the United States, passed a resolution expressing their fears of human rights violations in Iran.  During the voting process, 33 countries were ‘absent’ and 43 countries abstained from voting.

…Through this manoeuvre, the United States and its allies realized that the United Nations can easily be manipulated by the dominant [world] powers.  The United Nations was so easily misused in support of those who have shed the blood of the innocents in the streets and markets [of Iran].  The United States proclaim it is sympathizing with the spies that are connected to the occupying Zionists and compels her accomplices to blindly obey her in this regard.  On Saturday night, in the process of passing this resolution the United Nation’s General Assembly, was directed by United States and its allies not only from behind the scenes but also openly.   This is no doubt the most obvious display of misuse of the United Nations by the dominant [powers].

In any case, a Revolution cannot remain indifferent to its enemies and must react demonstrably as they deserve and as is commensurate with their actions.  Fortunately, the Prime Minister and the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Minister of the Foreign Affairs have announced unequivocally the intentions of the Islamic [Republic of] Iran to reconsider its relationships with countries that are against our nation.

This is a positive move that can pave the way for subsequent effective and useful moves within the political and economic realms such that enemies of Islam and the Islamic Revolution come to realize that their position in opposition to the Revolution will never remain unanswered and in obedience to the nation, its serving government will firmly stand up to them.