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The Telegraph Office of Iran

Date: 130------

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Date received: 25 Esfand 1305 [17 March 1927]

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Report from Kerman, 22 Esfand 1305 [14 March 1927]. Yesterday, the weather was turbulent from noon to midnight, and strong winds were blowing. At midnight, the weather became clear and the wind stopped. In the evening we received news that the police department had asked for help from the Security Department because of a gathering at the mosque. Upon investigation, it was revealed that two construction workers had beaten and injured two painters [because they were accused of] being Babis. They were sent to the police department and they arrested and detained the construction workers for a few minutes. A group of people went to the homes of religious scholars and started shouting and screaming, intending to create disorder and tumult. When the gentlemen found out about the issue, they calmed the people down. Things appear to have settled down today.

Daryoush Shirazi