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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Azadeh

[Date:] 19 Khordad 1325 [9 June 1946]

[Issue No.:] 406

[Page:] 3


The Trial of Those Accused of Killing Baha’is in Shahroud

Today at 10:00 a.m., the criminal court hearing was held at the Palace of Justice and was presided over by Mr. Riahi, in the presence of Mr. Mahdavi, the assistant public prosecutor of Provinces 1 and 2. The defence attorneys were as follows: Messrs. Bagher Khakzad, Jafar Azmayesh, Seraj Rouhani, Zeinol Abedin Kashani, Ahmad Moghbel; Abdollah Navaei, Bagher Sabati, Reza Maleki, Ali Esfandiyari, Ali Behzadi, Razavi, Amid Ghomi, Tabatabaei, Asadollahi, Zolmajd Tabatabaei.

The private defence attorneys Mr. Navidi and Arsalan Khalatbari Jadali were also present during the hearing.  

First, the accused were asked for their last names and their places of residence, and then they were given ten minutes of recess.

After the recess, the indictment was read by the Shahroud prosecutor and the trial began.


[Accused No.]1-Mirza Hosein Kandou

Question: You are accused of killing Hasan Mohajer and looting his household property.

Answer: I have not committed murder nor was I involved in killing Hasan Mohajer and looting his property.

Question: The victim’s wife has said she saw you with a bloody forehead on the roof of the house.

Answer: I was hit by a stone and I fell at the door of my shop and they took me to the police. From there, they took me to my home. The wife of the victim has lied.

Question: Hasan Arabzadeh has said that the accused was coming out of the house of Hasan Mohajer, saying that he had suffocated him.

 Answer: Hasan Arabzadeh, who stated that I was shouting that I had suffocated [him], has lied.

Question: Seyyed Mostafa Pasban and Qudrat Salehi testify that you said, “I killed Mohajer”.

Answer: Seyyed Mostafa Pasban [the police officer] was present in front of my shop when the stone hit me. He took me to the police station. When I fell to the ground, as I said above, he took me to my house and I do not believe the statements that Qudrat Salehi has made. He is lying.

Question: Shahrbanoo, Maedeh and Ashraf Aghazadeh have made statements against you.

Answer: Shahrbanoo, the sister of Mohajer, Maedeh, the aunt of Mohajer and Ashraf Aghazadeh are lying.


[Accused No.] 2- Mohammad-Reza Ghiabi

Question: You are accused of the killing of Asadollah Naderi.

Answer: I do not accept this accusation. I was in the bathhouse, busy with my work, and did not take part in Naderi’s killing.

Question: Reza Riahi stated that the accused entered Naderi’s house and was holding a stick when he was leaving and shouted, “I killed, I killed”.

Answer: Because Riahi has a history of dispute with me. I do not accept his statements.

Question: Did you not hold a dagger? Have you not gone to Naderi’s house?

Answer: No

Question: Gholamreza, the son of Mohammad Ali Baqal [grocer], said that the accused was holding a machete and was shouting wherever he went.

Answer: I do not know him.

Question: Ali Anargi [Anaraki] and Abdol-Hosein Naderi have stated that you were the perpetrator and murderer of Naderi.

Answer: I do not accept the statements of Abdol-Hosein Naderi, the father of the victim, and Ali Anaraki, who accused me of murder.


[Accused No.] 3- Mohammad-Reza Hamidgar

Question: You are accused of participating in the murder of Jazbani.

Answer: I do not accept this crime and I did not participate in the murder of Jazbani.

Question: Mohammad Momeni Anaraki has said, “Jazbani was taken to the doctor’s clinic for a dressing his wound and we went out for [getting] the means of dressing and the accused threw him from the top of the doctor’s office into the alley.” Do you confirm this?

Answer: That Mohammad Momeni Anaraki has said that I threw Jazbani from the above [roof] into the alley is a lie.

Question: Amini Bastam says, “I was in the doctor’s office that day and the accused went to Jazbani and immediately returned and went out of the door.”

Answer: The statements made by Amini Bastam against me are because of hostility.

Question: What were you doing and where were you on that day?

Answer: I was working in the bakery shop

The meeting ended at 12:10 p.m. and the next meeting was postponed to 8:00 this morning.