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The Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran

National Lands and Deeds Registry Office


Date 10 Azar 1364 [1 December 1985]

Number 47803

Enclosure -----


In the Name of God,


To: Assistant Prosecutor, Branch 42, Central Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor

From: Shemiran Registry Office

Subject: Caveat


With reference to number 11/64/5397/ - 10 Azar 1364 [1 December 1985], the remainder of  plot number [redacted] part of the 67 Original [Plan], registered on page 145 of book 234-2, situated in [redacted], with mortgage 89449 – 22 Shahrivar 1360 [13 September 1981] recorded in Registry Office 17 in Tehran, property of Mr. Houshang Daemi Rashidi a restriction [on transactions] is placed against the title to the property and that detail is reflected in the original enclosed deed and in the Registry Books and records.


Head of the Shemiran Registry Office

Abbas Davachi


10 Azar 1364 [1 December 1985]