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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Toofan

[Date:] 21 Mordad 1334 [13 August 1955]

[Issue No.:] 181


Six Men and a Woman Were Killed!

As we reported on the murder of six men and a woman in Sakhvid in the previous issue, we will now insert a brief description of it.

Last week, in the Sakhvid area, which is located 70 km west of Yazd, there were clashes between the residents of Sakhvid Village and the residents of Hormozk Farm. As a result, six men and a woman from Hormozk Farm were killed.

The course of the event, as our reporter has discovered from the eyewitnesses, the officers and some local residents, and has reported to us, is as follows.

Two weeks before the murder, several residents of Hormozk Farm complained to the Yazd police and Yazd gendarmerie. [In order] to investigate and search about their complaints, two officers were sent; one is Corporal Jamili, in charge of the Gendarmerie Club [illegible] and Sergeant Yousefzadeh, the commander of the Mehriz Platoon. After a few days of investigation, before the results of their search were known, on Friday, 6 Mordad 1334 [29 July 1955], a group of people moved en masse from Sakhvid and attacked the Hormozk Farm, and without any resistance from the residents of Hormozk Farm, six men and one woman, without being aware of the situation, were cut to pieces with a stick, shovel and knife. The rest of the people of Hormozk escaped and ran away from their hands and the killers dispersed after the action.

In every age and time, people take any excuse to intimidate or slander people, so that, whenever they want to slander that person or people, or trample on their rights, [they can] use that excuse. One day, this excuse was the affiliation with the banned Tudeh Party. After the disintegration of the detested [Tudeh] party, they used Babism and Baha’ism as an excuse. This tool is the best tactic to intimidate or trample on a right, with which all kinds of purposes can be achieved. In summary what is popular and famous is that this clash is a Muslim-Baha’i religious conflict and the victims are considered Baha’is.

On the other hand, some say this murder was the result of the greed and corruption of a few people, and the initial complaint revolves around this issue; this grouping was carried out to intimidate others with previous collusion. The perpetrators were present to beat them, but during the operation, the multiplication and intensity of the operation resulted in the murder.

Currently, 21 residents of Sakhvid have been arrested and are imprisoned, according to the investigator, and since the case is in the preliminary stage, the truth is still unknown.