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In the Name of God


Respected deputy director of the Health Department of Ardabil Province,


Respectfully, we, the specialist physicians at the doctors’ building situated in Parsabad, regard the politics of the deputy director of the Health Department, Dr. Moghaddam—for refusing to renew the permits for the offices and issuing the order to vacate the aforementioned building for the reason that the owner of the building belongs to the Bahá’í Faith—to be against Islamic principles and immoral. We consider that such issues are not only against the articles of the Constitution but also against the interests of the governing system and a caring government.


We hope that your insight and foresight will prevent these divisive acts that lead nowhere, especially at a time when society needs tranquility, so let us all think about a free and prosperous Iran.


[official stamp] Pars Radiology and Sonography, Dr. Shahab Mohajer Shirvani [signature]

[official stamp] Dr. Jamali Pharmacy, Technician Dr. Yaghoub Jamli Torbat [signature]

[official stamp] Dr. Ali Valizadeh, Dentist [signature]