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[Adapted from website:] Baha’i World News Service

[Date:] 19 Shahrivar 1388 [10 September 2009]


Isfahan: Tossing Threatening Night-letter into a Baha’i Home

The latest news from Iran:

Recently a threatening letter was tossed into the home of Mr. Saied Rouhi in Vilashahr. He was addressed with the phrase “Dear Compatriot”. The letter stated that since the Baha’i population was increasing in Vilashahr, it had been decided to either expel him from the town or invite him to accept Islam. The letter said: “You have until the first of the holy month of Ramadan to …convert to the true religion of Islam and observe the fast during that holy month with your Moslem brothers.” It also threatened that the senders of the letter were free to do whatever they desired to Mr. Rouhi inasmuch as “your life and possessions, and the honour of your family are permissible to us with impunity, like those of a wild animal.”