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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Ministry of the Interior,

[National] Police Force Headquarters

Date: 9/6/23 [31 August 1944]

Number: 5699


Confidential, Eyes only


Ministry of the Interior,


In reference to coded telegram report number 283/200 from the police force of Gorgan, the following is conveyed.  Two days ago, a letter was received by the police force, through regular mail, demanding that the Baha’is of Gorgan evacuate the city within ten days, or there would be a bloodbath similar to that in Shahroud.  In addition, a similar message was sent to Mr. Nabili, the director of the Melli Bank in Gorgan, who is also a Baha’i.  He sent [the letter] to the police force. He was warned to leave town and likewise inform the other Baha’is. The letter was signed “The Islamic Committee”.  Currently, a secret investigation is underway to find the writer and identify the committee. 

In the meantime, the governor has become severely ill with a serious heart condition and is currently under medical care.  In order to ensure security, necessary instructions have been issued to the Gorgan police force, in collaboration with the Gendarmerie, to be vigilant and prevent any kind of bad incident.  Should Your Excellency consent, perhaps the Gorgan police force could exile a few Baha’is, who are despised by the public, as a temporary measure.  We request your instructions and directives.


Head of the National Police Force,

Brigadier General Saif,



Stamp: Registered in the confidential department of the Ministry of the Interior, Number: 1029, Date: 12/4/1323 – [3 July 1944]


[Handwritten Note 1:] Political, 12/4/1323


[Handwritten Note 2:] To be reported.


[Handwritten Note 3:]  Sufficient explanation was provided to the Melli Bank and instruction was given to replace Mr. Nabili and the rest of the Baha’i personnel.  The Baha’is who are not employed [by the government] can be approached in private and persuaded, if they agree, to temporarily travel elsewhere. 12/4/1323