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In the Name of God



Police Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Classification:  Confidential

Number: 2914/4/45

Date:  25 Esfand 1387 [15 March 2009]

Enclosure: -----

From: The Police Intelligence and Public Security F.A. of Kerman Province (Public Places Supervision Office)

To:  Esteemed Commanders of Police Forces of Rafsanjan–PAVA

Subject: Baha’ism


Peace be upon Mohammad and His descendants!  In response to [letter] number 2954/14/3/7038, dated 8 Mehr 1387 [29 September 2008], as has been communicated through many instructions, in order to prevent the extensive presence of the adherents of the perverse Baha’i sect in trades and trade organizations, and their activities in high income businesses, they should only be allowed to have enough income to subsist, so that they do not obtain high positions in any businesses, take away competitive power from individual Muslims, or become the decision-makers in a [particular] trade.  The congregation of a number of the followers of this perverse sect in one area will have consequences for trade and business.  Therefore, the heads of the unions and relevant trade organizations should be sufficiently informed to prevent them [Baha’is] from purchasing properties and real estate in one location, near to one another.  The members of this sect should be prevented from having extensive presence in any one trade, business, or in the marketplace.  The heads of the unions should be instructed on this matter and [if necessary], they may request assistance from Hezbollah, Militiamen, the Society for the Propagation of Islam, or other organizations.

Head of Police Intelligence and Public Security Forces F.A. of Kerman Province

Colonel of Islamic Revolutionary Guards Danaie

On behalf of Colonel Hamid Soltani [signature]

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