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The Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of National Defence


In the Name of God


From: Investigations Department [Research Unit]

To: The Colonel of the Military Forces Communications Unit, engineer Sayyid Hosein Vahdat-Hagh

Subject: Termination of the salaries of individuals who belong to Baha’ism


Number: 805/14/1/2

Date:  25/12/1359 [16 March 1981]

Enclosure: ------


The National Defence Operations Headquarters (Adjutancy) of The Ministry of National Defence, through its letter number 63/5/6/27 – [dated] 25/2/1359 [15 May 1980], has directed that retired personnel whose pension payments have been stopped must also present themselves at the Retirement and Insurance Office and certify that they did not teach their faith in the past, and also that they will not do so in the future, so that in the event of approval by the Committee of the Joint Forces of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran, action may be taken through the Adjutancy of the Ministry of National Defence to resume their pension payments, upon approval by the Ministry of National Defence.


On behalf of the Supervisor of Investigations, Ministry of National Defence, Adjutancy Colonel Dadpanah.



[Address of Mr. Vahdat-Hagh is provided]