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Surveying Organization

Number: 17657

Date: 16/9/1360 [7/12/1981]

Telegram title, Satka

P O Box: 1844


In the Name of God

Financial Affairs Management

Subject: Withholding of salary and benefits

Until issuance of the final verdict, you are hereby directed to withhold payment of salary and benefits for the following individuals, effective 16/9/1360 [7 December 1981].

1- Mr. Jamshid Motlagh

2- Mr. Shahab Rahmanian

3- Mrs. Aghdas Sayyid[i] Mirzaie

4- Mr. Mohammad Hosein Moradian

5- Mrs. Mahboubeh Salim

Hosein Mossadegh Khah

Head of Surveying Organisation


Copy: Methods and Formation, Welfare and Co-operation, Personnel Statistics, Personnel Archives, Office of Personnel and the afore-mentioned individuals.






[i] An honorific denoting people accepted as descendants of the Islamic prophet, Mohammad