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The Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of the Interior

Police Force of Iran




Number ------

Date ----------

Enclosure ---


From: The Police Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran – Pension and Insurance Office

To: The Office of Armed Forces Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran- Personnel Unit

Re: Termination of Pension Salary


In the Name of God


Envy is the prison of the soul. His holiness Ali,


Greetings be upon you


Special Number:1/05330/00/07


Based on letter number 401/66/ 500/569 – 1/6/1362 [23 August 1983] from the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office of the Army, the pension salary of first lieutenant Gholam-Ali Davoodi, son of Yaqub is to be terminated, due to [his belief in] Baha’ism, commencing on 1 Shahrivar 1962 [23 August 1983].


Head of Pension and Insurance services Office, Lieutenant Colonel Khakpour

17 Shahrivar 62 [8 September 1983]




  1. Special Order Branch, for inclusion in order
  2. Accounting Unit (central list) for action
  3. Special Services Unity for information
  4. Sepah Bank, Simetri Kargar branch for information and action
  5. The Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office of the Army with reference to letter number letter number 401/66/ 500/569 - 1 Shahrivar 62 [23 August 1983]


[Handwritten note in the centre of the page] 863

[Handwritten note, number and date at top of page


Date 19 Shahrivar 62 [10 September 1983]