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The Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Education

Department of Education, Fars Province


Director, Department of Education, Abadih County


Date:  Date 18/11/82 [8 February 2004]

Number 16/50912/2320


In the Name of God


Mr. Aynollah Samimi, retired teacher,




Respectfully, with reference to your letter dated 12/11/82 [4 February 2004], while ignoring the fact that you orally declared to the head of Legal Affairs your earnest belief in the Baha’i religion, and despite the recommendations of the relevant authorities, you were not prepared in the past and neither are you willing in the future to announce through the widely circulated newspapers that you will be [declare yourself to be] a Muslim.  In the documents submitted by you there are no constructive comments or any indication that you will distance yourself [from your religion], so there are no grounds to further pursue this matter and given that so far no decision has been issued by the judicial authorities as to whether or not you have any rights [to appeal the decision], this office has no obligation to further pursue your request.




Ali-Reza Foroud

Director, Department of Education, Abadih County



Recipient of Copy:

Director of Legal Affairs, for information.



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