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Islamic Republic of Iran Justice Administration

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In His Exalted Name

Date: 21/8/1375 [11 November 1996]

Licence No: 282/74

Ruling No: 882


The Court issuing the ruling: Branch 11, Court of Administrative Justice ----- consisting of -----

Head of the Branch: Mr. Fayyaz Pourheidari

Advisor: Mr. Sayyid[i] Abbas Masoumi

Plaintiff: Pasha Vahdat, child of Mohammad, [contact details]

Respondent: Companies subject to government employment regulations

Subject of claim: Cancellation of pension


Procedural synopsis: The plaintiff has submitted the claim and appendices [illegible] in relation to the above matter. After receiving the claim and referral to this branch under the above case [illegible] the branch was informed of the exchange of documentation. The respondent in the forthcoming documentation has responded, and the case with Mr. [illegible] report was received by the branch office. In the session presided over by the undersigned, and examining the matter on the date above, the case is under consideration. Subsequent to reviewing the case and the written opinion of the branch advisor recommending dismissal of the claim, the court hereby concludes the hearing and issues a decision as follows.


The verdict

In reviewing the case and associated documents, and considering the contents of the [illegible] bill, the respondent [illegible] that the plaintiff’s termination of pension, owing to being a follower of the unrecognised Baha’i sect, was [carried out] by the order of the Public Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution, and with the above description, no breach of the regulations is evident, the verdict [illegible] the plaintiff’s claim is delivered and it is declared that the decision is final.

Head of the Eleventh Branch of the Court of Administrative Justice

Fayyaz Pourheidari

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[i] An honorific denoting people accepted as descendants of the Islamic prophet, Mohammad