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Iran South Fishery Joint Stock Company

9/2/1359 [29 April 1980]

Number: A3/22/2/519


Mr. Rouhollah Shafiee

As directed in the letter of the Ministry of National Defence number B/402/93 dated 5/9/1958 [26 November 1979], the employment of all individuals who do not follow the officially recognized religions of the country and who [are members of] other religions must be terminated. Hence, as your perverted religion is Baha’i and not an officially recognized religion, your service was terminated at the Fishery of the Hormozgan Province effective 6/12/1358 [25 February 1980]. You no longer have a position at the South Fishery and must present yourself to the Accounts Department to settle your account.

Director General of the Iran South Fishery Joint Stock Company



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