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Ministry of the Interior

Office of the Governor of Yazd


Date: 30/10/1327 [20 January 1949]

Number: 73




Dear Prime Minister,


I would like to respectfully inform you of this week’s incidents and seek guidance concerning whether decisions needs to be taken in relation to these incidents.


[Over the course of] two nights, two of the followers of Mr. Khalesizadeh were assaulted by unknown assailants near his house.  A woman was struck at night because of being Baha’i.  Haji Ansari stated from the pulpit that:  “People should not purchase sweets from Haji Khalifeh, the Confectioner, who has recently returned from Mecca, because his daughter in-law has “permed” her hair.  Mr. Khalesi has instructed a few people to go and remove the signage of the shop of a Muslim that has [has a sign] on it stating “6 months Perm”.


Gholam-Ali Khorasani, Head of the Chamber of Commerce passed away in Yazd at the age of eighty (80).  The memorial meeting was held at the Mosque of Mir-Chaghmagh.  Mr. Khalesi [the prayer leader] that he should not go to the Mosque to read from the Quran, because Khorasani has been suspected of being a Baha’i.  As both parties had been confronting each other and the police did not have any officer there, they called me and I went to the mosque and ended the dispute peacefully.  Both parties were dispersed.  Of course the memorial meeting was not held and all the relatives of Khorasani are angry.


Governor of Yazd [Signature:  Lesan Sepehr]



[Handwritten Note:]  Reply [and say]:  “Your actions to prevent the unrest and deceitful actions of the individuals such as, Khalesizadeh are admirable”.  9/11 [1327] [29 January 1949]