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Ministry of the Interior

Governorate of Mahallat

Number: 1675

Date: 29 Shahrivar 1329 [20 September 1950]


Tehran Provincial Governor General,

Respectfully, with reference to letter number 2431, dated 12 Mordad 1329 [2 June 1950], from the incident of the conflict between the Muslims and the Baha’is who reside in Naragh, as it is understood from the content of the records, the situation had been going on for a while and much correspondence has been written on this subject, and no positive results had been obtained, until, on 26 Shahrivar 1329 [17 September 1950], I travelled to Naragh. After hard work, [providing] necessary advice and [taking] some measures, I succeeded in uniting them [Muslims and Baha'is] so that they abandoned their provocations, ended their discord and [each party] may [now] engage in its own business and prevent the instigators from provoking the situation. In general, they promised to be united and kind with each other in the future. Therefore, for the time being, there is no disagreement between these two groups.


Governor of Mahallat, [Signature]

[Handwritten note:] [Stamp: was received in the office of the Governorate of Tehran, Number: 4630, Date: 3 Mehr 1329 (25 September 1950)]