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Ministry of the Interior

Department of Public Security

Number: ---

Date: 15 Aban 1329 [6 November 1950]


Governorate of the Tenth[1] Province,

According to a report received from Borujen, the differences between the Muslims and Baha’is in the city have recently intensified, and the parties are engaged in activities against each other. There are also complaints against Captain Hakimi, the commander of the gendarmerie, who is thought to take sides with the Baha’is.

It is requested that the responsible officers take the usual and necessary care, in accordance with the circulated directives and the issued orders, to prevent any type of unlawful action and demonstration by the Baha’is and report the results to this department. 


Head of the Law Enforcement Office,



Copy is submitted for the information of the National Gendarmerie Headquarters. Please share the outcome of your endeavours with the Law Enforcement Office.

Head of the Law Enforcement Office [Signature]


[1] Isfahan