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Islamic Republic of Iran

Office of the Prosecutor Islamic Revolutionary


In the Name of God

Number: 164/4/65

Date: 19/6/1365 [10 September 1986]

Enclosure -----


Mr. Yadollah Salatini, son of Ali, resident of Rafsanjan, the tenant of Mr. Asadollah Sadeghizadeh in Malekabad-Rafsanjan

Whereas all properties of Asadollah Sadeghzadeh, resident of Kerman, have been confiscated by order of the Islamic Revolutionarily Prosecutor-Rafsanjan, you are required to return [your leasehold of] said properties, which you have leased, to this Office. Clearly, the rental agreement is null and void and you must refrain from paying rent to the above-mentioned individual. You are instructed to attend this Office, where a determination will be made regarding this year’s pistachio crop (65); in the event that you are given permission to keep [the lease], you will remit the rental fees to this Office.

[Signature over official stamp]


Assistant to the Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor of Rafsanjan