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Telecommunication Company of Iran


Date: 21 Khordad 1366 [11 June 1987]

Number: 113/1979


In the Name of God


Mrs. Paridokht Vahdat-Hagh (Khaze)

In reference to the letter dated 10 Khordad 1366 [31 May 1987], the following is conveyed:

According to letter number 8-3270/1, dated 13 Ordibehesht 1366 [3 May 1987], from the Regional Office for Area 8 of the city, telephone number [redacted] has been installed at [redacted], and based on the said directive, request number 223/F/11/66/50, dated 7 Ordibehesht 1366 [27 April 1987], from the Islamic Revolutionary Public Prosecutor’s Office of Tehran, Economic Affairs (Sequestered Properties Affairs), in relation to the installation of a telephone on the said floor, the job was completed.

Legal Office

Telecommunication Company of Iran



21 Khordad 1366 [11 June 1987]