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Department of Telegraph of the Eminent Government of Iran


Year: 1306 [1927]

From: Zanjan to: Tehran

Receipt number: 1289

Telegraph number: 147

Quantity of the words: 185

Date received: 26 Ordibehesht [17 May]

Descriptions: ---

Name of the addressee: Ali-Akbar


Through His Honour, the Prime Minister – may his glory be eternal,

To the blessed threshold of His Majesty, the mighty Sultan of Muslims –may the Almighty God assist him to support His glorious religion, through His grandeur, His splendour, His greatness and His magnificence, which the Royal mercy has bestowed his protection upon the honour of the unyielding religion, though contrary to the strength of the enemies of the illustrative religion, which by the religious ardour, and Imperial Islamic zeal that has conferred upon the glorious Faith and has sheltered the grandeur of Islam from endangering, by the confirmations of the All-Mighty, the possessor of the Day of Faith, established its greatness over all the false religions for ever [referring to the slaying of Aminol-Olama Ardabili], is the cause of utmost appreciation and gratitude. As the Almighty God says ‘if one helps God, He will assist him’, will make him strong and prized, as I who pray for you during this period, at the border province defending the land against the invaders in shielding the word of Islam at its frontiers.


[Stamp on the top of the telegram:]

Registered at the Office of the Council of Ministers

Date: 26 Ordibehesht 1306 [17 May 1927]

Number: 1225


[Handwritten note at the top of the telegram]

It was submitted.

26 Khordad 1306 [17 June 1927]