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The Report of Head of Telegraph Office of Borujen


Number of tome: -----



Ministry of Posts, Telegraph and Telephone



Receiver: -----

Date: Year -----132-----


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To: -----

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Telegram number: -----

Number of words: -----

Original date: -----

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Date received: Day ----- Month -----


The report of the head of the Telegraph Office of Borujen – 23 Tir 1325 [14 July 1946]

Since today coincides with the eve of the birth of His Holiness Hojjat [theTwelfth Imam] and tradesmen of Borujen have been making preparation to celebrate the occasion, a number of Baha’is have insulted the honourable religion of Islam and the Muslims, intending to form a large group against the Muslims. It has been heard that they have also injured a number of Muslims, and as a result of the intervention of the local army garrison and the local gendarmerie, any important sinister mishap has been prevented. At this moment, around four thousand Muslims are gathered at the Telegraph Office and have reported the current situation to the government authorities by telegram. They are also asking this office to bring the matter to the attention of the central [government] authorities.

Hour 13:00 of 23 Tir 1325 [4 July 1946]



The above report was urgently sent to his honour the governor general, who responded to reiterate to the head of the local Police to be attentive in establishing the general safety, otherwise he will be strongly responsible. The matter was wired to the head of the Police of Borujen so that announces the governorate general.

Hour 7:30 of 23 Tir 1325 [4 July 1946]