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General number: 5

Private number: 23528

The Ledger No.:---

File: ----



Office of the Prime Minister

Type of Pre-transcription: ---

Topic of Pre-transcription: ---

Attachment: ---

Scribe: ----

Draft date: 28 Bahman 1326 [18 February 1948]

Final version date: 1 Esfand 1326 [21 February 1948]

Recorded date: 4 Esfand 1326 [24 February 1948]


Imperial Majesty’s Office Special Manager,

Returning to letter number 8019, 25 Bahman 1326 [15 February 1948], involving a telegraphic appeal of a number of Shahroud residents which was presented to the blessed threshold of His Majesty by Mr. Haj Abolghasem Kashani the mujtahid, this is to inform you that a while ago circular (confidential 1746/4) was sent to the Ministry of the Interior, and to the Judiciary, with specific directives to pursue and prosecute under the rule of law the instigators and planners who, under the guise of religion, cause any disturbances that create sedition, corruption and division among the inhabitants.

Upon receiving letter number 8019, again both named ministries were emphatically directed to pay necessary attention to the situation and for relevant agents to apply the needed measures to prevent such disturbances, and to inform this office about the results of their efforts.


[Handwritten not on top of left corner:] Shahroud

[Handwritten note 1 on right:] 2 Esfand [21 February 1950] for copy

[Handwritten note 2 on right:] copy of the letter number 1746/4 [signature]

[Handwritten note 3 on right:] [Illegible:] 28 Bahman [18 February]

[Handwritten note 4 on right:] To be archived. 29 Bahman [19 February]