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Ministry of the Interior


[Date: Towards the end of Tir 1325 (late July 1946)]

[Number: 221]


Copy of [City of] Mashhad telegram


Ministry of the Interior,


512 [?], On the ninth of Tir [1325] [30 June 1946] by way of telegraph, we sent a report of actions which have been taken to bring safety and security to Birjand. Details of the actions of our agent, [Mr.] Saba, dispatched to Birjand, who acted on [behalf of our office], were presented on 26 Tir [1325] [17 July 1946]. Strict orders have been given to the judiciary to investigate and seriously pursue the culprits. The governor [of Birjand] was granted permission, at his request, to come to Mashhad until the necessary steps for the security of the place could be carried out. 221.


Naser Etemadi



This is a true copy of the original