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Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone



From: Behshahr to: T [Tehran]; number: 82; date: 26/5/[1326] [18 August 1947]


His Honour, beloved Prime Minister, copy to Ministry of Interior, copy to National Consultative Assembly, copy to Islamic Propagation Association, copy to Ayeen-e Islam newspaper, copy to Parcham-e Islam, copy to Ettelaat newspaper, copy to Atash newspaper

Concerning the telegraph dated 11/5/1326 [3 August 1947] in relation to the dismissal of a few Baha’i individuals [men and women] from the factory and [Ministry of] Education of Behshahr, under whose care were a great number of our illiterate youth and children, and to the closure of corruption cells, meaning liquor stores, which are the cause of sedition and trouble, it is noted that you have not, so far, issued any order about these issues.  On the other hand, a number of traitorous hired immigrants, who are pushing our beloved country towards the abyss of non-existence, have been released from the military detention centre, all of whom have gathered in Behshahr.   They have formed a front, and regularly publish statements and flyers, which are not noticed by the governmental officials.  We humbly beg you to order the hands of these stateless immigrants to be cut off from this small city, so that the past events may not be repeated.

Mehdi Shahroudi, Sheikh Serollah Seifi, Haji Mostafa Hojati, Haji Hosein-Ali Ahmadi, Sheikh Hosein Ruhi, Hasan Eghtedari, Mohammad-Hosein Adelani, Ebrahim Hagh-Parast, Molla Hasan Amiri, Haji Gholam-Reza Amiri, Habib Ibrahimzadeh, Ghodrat Haghanian, Mohammad Taghi Ashrafi, Eiynollah Ghafarian, Ramazan Asgari, Shaban Ebrahimi, Mohammad-Javad Attari, Mohammad-Hosein Asadi, Seyyed Mohsen Emadi, Behzadian, Abol-Ghasem Baboli, Talebi, Abol-Ghasem Safaie, Reza Morakabani, Mohammad Taghi, Abbas-Ali Mojahedi, Hosein-Ali Sazegar, Seyyed Hosein Hasheminejad, Mirza Agha Kalantari, Ali Mohammadi, Abdollah Hagh-Shenas, Habibollah Asadi.

[Margin 1:] [Stamp: Tehran Telegraph Office]

[Margin 2:] Record, 28/5/1326 [20 August 1947]

[Margin 3:] File is enclosed.  Telegram 5/11 [3 August] has not reached the archives.

[Margin 4:] Stamp: Entry to the Office of Head of Ministers, number: illegible, date: 27/5/1326 [19 August 1947].