[Newspaper:] Tehran Times

[Date:] Saturday, 20 June 1987 – 23 Shawal 1407 – 30 Khordad 1366

[Issue No:] 68 – volume 9


Zionists recognize Bahai, give more facilities

Haifa, Israel (AP) – The Israeli government has recognized Israel as the spiritual center of the Bahai faith, which has maintained its headquarters in the Zionist state for more than a century, the group's leaders said yesterday.

The government also gave the faith the status of a non-profit organization exempt from taxes, paving the way for a 166 million dollar investment in new facilities, a Bahai spokesman said at a news conference.

Energy Barnett, the Los Angeles-born secretary-general of the Bahai faith, said the group would build a complex to house a library and study center in the northern Israeli port cities of Haifa and Acre.

The two cities have served as the center for the Bahai faith since 1844, when the religion's 'prophet' and founder Bahaullah fled persecution in which was then Persia, present-day Iran.

Barrett said the new facilities would be financed from small contributions by Bahai members in 140 countries, most of them in the Third World.





















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