[Newspaper:] Tehran Time

[Date:] Thursday, 28 November 1985 – 15 Rabi’ul – Awwal 1406– 7 Azar 1364

[Issue No.:] 197 – volume 7


Only guilty Bahais punished

Tehran (IRNA) – Head of the Supreme Tribunal of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Mussavi Bojnurdi said here yesterday that many Bahais in Iran had explicitly confessed in writing to have collaborated with and rendered assistance to Mossad, the secret police of the regime occupying Qods, against the Islamic government.

The Ayatollah who was commenting on foreign reports of alleged persecution of the Bahais in Iran solely as a punishment for their belief said no one Bahai had ever been harmed for being a Bahai.

He said, however, that some Bahais had been executed by the Islamic government after they had been found guilty of espionage operations against the Islamic state.

The court official noted that Bahaism is not specifically a "religious" cult but rather a "political party committed to the United States and Israel" and devoted to furthering their predatory goals in Iran.

Ayatollah Mussavi said documents discovered from many of the Bahais in post-revolution Iran attest to their treacherous underground activities in Iran.

Bahaism was introduced in Iran as a cult with mainly political implications in mid-19th century by groups believe to have been furthering colonialistic goals of the British government in the country.
















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