[Newspaper:] Tehran Times

[Date:] Tuesday, 6 September 1983 - 15 Shahrivar 1362

[Issue No:] 133 – volume 5


CIA-linked lawyers lose their licences


Tehran, (IRNA) – The Islamic Revolution Court of Tehran issued its verdict Sunday revoking the licences of a number of Justice Ministry lawyers on charges of having participated in covert plots of the CIA.

According to the statement released by the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor's Office, the lawyers have been found guilty of having links with the Zionist inspired Bahai sect and have been as well as on numerous other charges as follows:

Engaging in the spreading of cultural, economic and political corruption before the culmination of the Islamic Revolution, misappropriating governments revenues and extending financial support to the usurping regime occupying Palestine, they also sought to weaken and eventually bring down the Islamic Republic of Iran through subversive economic schemes during ongoing imposed Iraqi war. The statements said they also had cordial cooperation with the Bahai organization and with the foreign agencies.

The statement added that the collaboration of the Bahai's with foreign agencies had been of such immense importance to their masters that the arrest of some of the leaders of the sect compromised U.S. President Ronald Reagan to speak up in their defense. It furthermore decried the unprecedented controversy generated by news imperialism concerning the arrest.

Based on the above charges, the statement said, the Islamic Revolution's prosecutor's office has notified the Bar Association to rescind the licences permit of the lawyers and bar them from holding any position whatsoever in any of the Islamic Republic's organs. The following is the brief history of Bahaism:

The Advent of Bahaism dates back to 102 years ago when Mirza Ali Mohammad Akhond acting as a (political) puppet claimed representation for the Imam of the time.

Supported by Czarist Russia and Britain they managed to overtly establish centers and propagation institutes which (even) had their own flag.

It is a fact that Bahaism is an offshoot of cultural and intellectual colonialism, created to block or divert the renaissance of religious thought in Islamic societies.

The fall of the Tzar brought Bahais into the outright service of the British, but when (United States of) America acquired its worlddevoring role, Bahais placed their services at the feet of this ruthless neo-colonialist and propagated Zionism in Islamic nations.

The (shah's) regime being weak after the August 19 (1953) coup d'etat tried to engage people in secondary side issues and exploit their negligence for stabilizing its tyrannical and dictatorial rule.

The regime sought to exploit this negligence, indifference of the people in pursuing its own policies. Therefore, it engaged the help of established perversive movements such as Bahais.

Although (frequently) Bahaism was thrown into the dunghill of history, however, its creation did serve the purpose of engaging groups of people in misleading issues.






































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