[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha'i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Tehran Times

[Date:] Sunday, 29 May 1983 - 8 Khordad 1362


Hue & cry by U.S., Soviets on Bahai & Tudeh men—enough to brand them spies

Tehran – Imam Khomeini said here yesterday that while a group of Baha'is had been tried and found guilty on charges of espionage against the Islamic government, Ronald Reagan had claimed that the group were not spies and that they had been sentenced to death solely because of engagement in their own religious practices. He said if none of the documents attesting to the subversive activities of the group were available, Reagan's support for them would serve as sufficiently enough proof of their being spies for the U.S. …

Referring to a recent plea of the U.S. president Ronald Reagan to the world's people to support the cause of Bahais, who according to him are persecuted in Iran only, "because of their faith and religious practices" the Imam said, "Reagan's testimony to the Baha'is being a religious sect had indeed proved that the issue certainly went beyond what was alleged by people such as Reagan."

Alluding to Russia's protest in regard to the arrest of the Tudeh Party leaders by Iranian officials the Imam said that the Russian and American support respectively for Tudeh members and Baha'is were of the same nature.

"If they were not your spies you would never raise a word" said the Imam addressing the U.S. and Russian leaders. He added that being aware of their nature he never could believe that their support for those groups was out of humanitarian motives, of which they had none. …

He said that aside from concrete proof the Iranian officials had on the involvement of Tudeh Party and Baha'is in espionage for their Russian and American masters, the very support of their cause by the two Superpowers was by itself clear evidence that would justify their arrest in Iran.

He stressed that neither the Tudeh Party members nor the Baha'is had been arrested because of their beliefs. They have been arrested, he said, as a consequence of their outright involvement in espionage for foreign powers. …








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