[Newspaper:] Tehran Times

[Date:] Wednesday, 30 November 1988– 19 Rabi-ul-thani 1409 – 9 Azar 1367

[Issue No:] 202


Iran ready to help U.N. human rights inquiry

By Tehran Times city desk


Tehran – A senior official of the Islamic Republic yesterday offered all necessary assistance to the United Nations to conduct an inquiry into allegations of human rights violations in Iran.

"If they do not politicize the issue, Iran is ready to cooperate with the United Nations Special Commission on Human Rights," Deputy Foreign Minister Dr. Javad Larijani said yesterday. …

Referring to the execution of a Baha'i general during the early days of the Islamic Revolution in Iran Larijani said, "U.S. President Ronald Reagan made statements four times on this issue, but he did not say a single word on other 12 generals who were executed on similar charges."

He said the allegations of violation of human rights against Iran are nothing but a political game to defame Iran. …














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