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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Post-e Tehran

[Date:] 7 Tir 1334 [ 29 June 1955]

[Issue No.:] 622


The Unrest of Shiraz

Following the announcement of martial law in Shiraz, rumours spread again and the opposition spoke about the “unrest of Shiraz”, while it was not an important issue, and its proposal in the cabinet and the declaration of martial law may not have been necessary at all. Unfortunately, it will still take some time for the main tasks of the cabinet to be determined and implemented.

From the point of view of the high [level of] politics in the country, of course, no government can allow the incitement of public sentiments to disrupt the foundations of order, and to achieve this goal, the law must determine the people’s destiny. But at the same time, the main point that the government [ignores] is that the use of law enforcement power alone is not enough to establish the security.

The society should be guided intellectually in such a way that it does not go beyond the limits of rights, laws and social duties….About fifty years ago in Yazd, people’s sentiments were so strongly aroused that, in a few days, about seventy people were killed and several houses were looted. Finally, one day, the late Ayatollah Seyyed Ali (Mr. Haerizadeh’s father), who held a high position amongst the clergy in Yazd, went to the pulpit in the Grand Mosque and explained to the people that the killing and looting of apostates in general is against Islamic law, which has special rules. But these regulations must be [enforced] by the Sharia judge, and the people should not do so-and-so, at their own discretion or desire.

This speech was so effective that peace was restored in Yazd on the same day, and even the next day, a large amount of the property [that was looted] was returned to its owners.

The point of this brief remark is that people still lack proper guidance. The governments have failed to instill in people the thinking habits that are necessary for establishment of real security…

The time has come for thinking more seriously and acting more wisely!