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The Judiciary

Court of Administrative Justice


In the Name of God

Therefore follow not your passion, lest ye be distracted from truth

Court Order


Date: 138-----

Number: -----

Enclosure: -----


Date of Review: 29 Tir 1387 [19 July 2008]

Case Reference Number: 149/86/16

Number: 1159

Administrative Court: Branch 16 of the Court of Administrative Justice

Branch Officers: Chief –Rahim Bagheri

Advising Counsel –Hamid-Reza Karimi

Plaintiff: Tayyeb Salehi, son of Abdol-Majid, resident of: [redacted]

Defendant: Welfare Office of the province of Kurdistan

Subject of complaint and claim: Requesting to receive the calculation of his pension prior to 1358 [1979/1980]

Procedural synopsis:  The plaintiff has brought a motion before the Court of Administrative Justice against the defendant as to the above noted claim. Subsequent to the public registration of the complaint under reference number 5191–2 Ordibehesht 1386 [22 April 2007] at the Tribunal, the file was forwarded to this branch and a complete duplicate, including all enclosures, was sent to the defendant, a response to which the defendant issued a statement of response, reference number 13528– 19 Mehr 1386 [11 October 2007]. At this time, Branch 16 of the Court of Administrative Justice convened a hearing at a specially designated time with the attendance of the undersigned to review the file.  Subsequent to reviewing the case and the enclosures thereof, as well as the statement of response, the court concluded the hearing and rendered the following verdict:

Tribunal’s Verdict

Regarding the complaint made by Mr. Tayyeb Salehi against the Welfare Office of the province of Kurdistan for the calculation of his insurance benefits prior to 1358 [1979/1380], the plaintiff has claimed to have a record of insurance payments for a period of seven years and seven months prior to the Islamic Revolution [as an employee] of the Department of Physical Education of Qorveh, [a position] from which he was subjected to cleansing and was fired owing to his belief in Bahaism.  [This court] having considered the response of the defendant and the fact that employment in governmental organizations prior to the Islamic Revolution was conditional to the employees’ adherence to one of the official religions of the country, and since the perverse Baha’i sect had not been included among the official religions, his employment, deduction of insurance [from his salary] and payment of a salary to the plaintiff was contrary to the legal policies of the time. Based on the above reasoning, [the court] dismissed the complaint and issued a decision. This decision is final./m

Chief Justice of Branch 16 for the Court of Administrative Justice – Bagheri

Advising Counsel for Branch 16 of the Court of Administrative Justice – Karimi


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Certified Copy

Secretariat of Branch 16 of the Court of Administrative Justice