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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Tasnim News Agency

[Date:] 2 Shahrivar 1399 [23 August 2020]


Six New Books of Baha’i Critique Were Published

The Research Institute for Islamic Propaganda and Studies has published six new books critiquing the Baha’i sect.

Sectarianism and false claims have long been used by various societies as a means for profiteering by deviant human beings. Using this leverage, the colonial governments breached and split people’s identity and culture and looted their wealth, creating a rift in society and weakening the cultural foundations and popular beliefs. This colonial conspiracy has been implemented in societies and nations by sectarianism and religiosity.

The Western world has used all its power for various purposes to rely on cultural and military programmes, assassination, espionage campaigning, gossip, party building, religion making and support for atheistic and hypocritical groups, and new methods of coercion on countries, especially in the Islamic world. It is not a secret to the conscious and insightful man that the colonial governments, in order to maintain their power and rule among other nations, constantly resort to all kinds of treacherous seditions and conspiracies and cause the young adolescent generation to suffer from intellectual and ideological deviations.

Baha’ism was one of these sects, created by the colonial powers among the Shias in order to weaken the Shia pillars and provide opportunities for domination. This evil current, using religious literature, has attacked all sanctities and values with the aim of creating ideas in history and religion, and has destroyed the image of Shia scholars by creating a rift among the people, infiltrating the political pillars of the Iranian government and developing the groundwork for their political and economic activities. Undoubtedly, today all deviant sects, including the perverse Baha’i sect, use sophisticated propaganda tools, taking into account the psychological and social issues and abusing the beliefs and religious feelings of the people; distort their thoughts and shake their beliefs, and with the help of these methods seek to attract different people.

In this regard, the Baqir al-Ulum (AS) Research Institute of Islamic Propaganda and Studies published six books:

  • “Baha’i Propaganda Methods and Strategies to Counter Them” by Seyyed Hosein-Ali Mousavizadeh
  • “Critique of Baha’i Religious Precepts” by Seyyed Hosein-Ali Mousavizadeh
  • “The Miracle of Baha’ism in Confusion and Contradiction” by Ali-Reza Rouzbehani- Borujerdi
  • “Baha’ism and Tsarist Russia” by Amir-Ali Hassanloo
  • “Investigation of the Truth in the Baha’i Sect” by Seyyed Hossein-Ali Mousavizadeh
  • “Baha’ism, Britain and America” by Amir-Ali Hasanloo

…in order to reveal the nature of this evil disease in the Islamic world. What is examined in these six books is in line with the implementation of the orders and recommendations of the supreme leader, to counter atheistic ideas and artificial currents, especially the deviant current of some powers and groups.