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[Adapted from website:] Tasnim News Agency

[Date:] 19 Shahrivar 1393 [10 September 2014]


Review of the Baha’i Organization in Pendar [Imagination] this week

Tasnim News Agency: The producer of Pendar said, “The Pendar [TV] series with the title ‘Secrets’ focuses on the history of the Baha’i sect and it will be aired this Friday.”

In an interview, with the cultural correspondent of Tasnim News Agency, Mohammad Tajik, the producer of Pendar, said, “Secrets has been prepared in 9 episodes from a series of Pendar programmes, and this week we are viewing the sixth episode. This programme deals with the history of the Baha’i sect, its organization, and methods of propagation of Baha’ism throughout the world, the issue of punishment and reward in the Baha’i sect organization, and the speeches of independent Baha’is.

He added, “This programme is to address behind the scenes aspects of the Baha’i sect and its organization in the presence of Hojatoleslam Roozbahani, Hojatoleslam Mazaheri Seif, Seyyed Kazem Mousavi and Ghaderi (from the independent Baha’is).”

Tajik added, “The research, publication and supervision of this project was the responsibility of Baqir al-Ulum (AS) Research Institute and among the individuals who cooperated with this program are Ali Bahrami (executor) and Mohammad Zolfi (editor).”

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