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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Tasnim News Agency

[Date:] 31 Mordad 1395 [21 August 2016]


“Zion’s Vanguards”, Publication of a New File by Tasnim News Agency

“Zion’s Vanguards” is the name of a new file of the Tasnim News Agency, which examines currents and sects, seemingly religious, as well as emerging mysticisms.

Tasnim News Agency - Mohammad Hasan Najjari:

About two centuries ago, Muslims and Shias faced a new issue called sectarianism. This issue gradually became one of the most important problems of the Islamic society and the Shia belief. Preliminary studies have been conducted on sects such as Sheikhism, Babism, Baha’ism, Azalism, and emerging sects and mysticism, as well as evidence in the biographies, actions, and beliefs of the leaders of these sects, and the effects and consequences of their existence among Shias.

The same pattern that has been found in the emergence of these sects shows that the extremist Jews have played a significant and undeniable role in the emergence, survival and promotion of these sects among the people; however, in the works written about sects, seemingly religious, less attention has been paid to the role of extremist Jews in the formation and perpetuation of this sect. Therefore, considering the importance of examining the role of extremist Jews in knowing the true nature of Sheikhism, Babism, Baha’ism, Azalism and mystics―in other words, emerging sects―and considering the followers of these sects [and] their actions, they realize the goals of the extremist Jews in the Shia community. In a series entitled “Zion’s Vanguards”, we will examine the sects, seemingly religious, that have emerged among the Shias over the past two centuries, and introduce the true faces of their leaders.

This jotted record is the first in a series of topics to be published weekly by Tasnim News Agency. It is hoped that this case, in addition to preventing the youth from being attracted to perverse sects, will also clarify the true nature of these sects for the followers of the Shia belief and encourage the respected officials to fight them more seriously and better.