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[Adapted from website:] Tasnim News Agency

[Date:] 10 Azar 1397 [1 December 2018]


Note of Salimi-Namin – The Support of the Late Montazeri for the Monafeghin and the Prediction of the Late Imam

According to the political group of Tasnim News Agency, Abbas Salimi-Namin, director of the Office of Studies and Compilation of Iranian History, referred, in a note, to his debate over the past two weeks on “Ayatollah Montazeri’s House and the 80s”. He explained the points that Hojatoleslam Lotfi, a pupil of the late Montazeri, had raised in the debate, and that was Montazeri’s support to the families of the Monafeghin and the Baha’is after the revolution.

The text of Salimi Namin’s note is as follows:

Last week, during a debate at the Office for the Study and Compilation of Iranian History, Mr. Mojtaba Lotfi (Ayatollah Montazeri’s official) sought to give a human aspect to Ayatollah Montazeri’s assistance to the families of Monafeghin and Baha’is imprisoned for spying for the Israeli regime.

This is the first time that such a connection has been officially acknowledged in a public forum. Ayatollah Montazeri’s follower, in a public meeting, mentioned that Ayatollah Montazeri had helped the Mojahedin Khalgh, and even the Baha’is, which was never mentioned before by Ayatollah Montazeri’s acolytes. Mr. Lotfi’s remarks today, and the acknowledgments made about the links between the house of the late Ayatollah Montazeri and the currents opposed to Islam and Iran, are in fact a testimony to the imam’s historic confirmation letter. In this regard, a reminder of this point will not be without merit.

Just as the Mojahedin-e-Khalgh have been in the service of foreigners for decades (from Saddam to Zionism), Baha’i organizational elements in the Pahlavi era were among the most trusted agents of the Israeli regime in Iran. For this reason, since the independence of the Iranian nation from foreign domination, these organizational elements have always helped the anti-Iranian plans of the Zionists and some of them have been identified and arrested....

The question arises here as to whether Ayatollah Montazeri’s entry into the field of supporting the families of elements who [work] in the path of securing the interests of the Islamic Republic’s enemies can be considered humane. It is undeniable that the Mojahedin-e-Khalgh provides financial support to the families of its arrested members through covert networks, in order to inspire their arrested members, or that Israel, in various ways, supports the arrested Baha’i elements with whom it is organizationally affiliated…