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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[Illegible] [Tarazollah Khozein]

[Illegible] 138 Badi

23 Khordad 1360 [13 June 1981]



[Illegible] They have brought us from the prison to the court, and it appears that they intend to execute all seven of us.  Praised be God, we are all in a state of utmost surrender and contentment.  If it be God’s will, we will all be able to attain to a good end.  I hereby say goodbye to you dear ones and to all of my family – I finished two Gobelin tapestries yesterday and today.  I wrote my name and my children’s names [unreadable] and the date of 138 Badi on them.  These are part of the belongings and you should get them from the prison.  Here is [unreadable] the sum of four hundred and thirty tumans cash and my watch and pants, the indictment and statement of defence.  My bag is packed.  The shaver [unreadable] is in the bag. [Unreadable] is the sleeping bag.  Gather everything.  I have written my will previously and everything will be carried out accordingly, I hope.  I am grateful [for your] kind assistance during this time and [I apologize for] the troubles of all of the believers; I ask for everyone’s forgiveness and pardon.  Please thank on my behalf all of the family members who remembered me and came to visit me during this time.  I beseechingly pray that my unworthy blood may water the tree of the Cause of God and progress toward the emancipation and independence of the Cause of God being realized in dear Iran very soon, and that future generations will be able to serve the Faith in complete tranquillity.  May my life be sacrificed for you.

[Unreadable] [Tarazollah Khozein]


23 Khordad 1360 [13 June 1981]


I had started a necklace for our Fariba this evening.  I had woven its beginning and had also produced the [initials] F. M.  It is on the work table.  I left it there when they brought us to the court.  It was not destined that I weave a necklace for dear Fariba and dear Anisa and Mahsa jan each.

Your sacrifice,


Please tell Touran Khanum to kiss brother Ghodratollah on my behalf.


The sum of money that Touran Khanum has given for safekeeping to Nosratollah Khan should be spent on the memorial gatherings, whether in Tehran or in Hamadan.