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In the Name of God


Name: Tarazollah, Family name: Hakiman, Father’s name: Sadegh, Arresting authority: Branch 42 of Public Prosecutor’s Office, Order number: Judgement 3238 -34729 / M /62, dated 11/5/[6]3 [2 August 1984], Charge: Charged with membership in the perverse Baha’i sect and propaganda in its favour.


The respected Head for effecting the judgments of the Central Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor


With utmost respect, I, Tarazollah Hakiman, son of Sadegh, in accordance with Judgement number 3238 -34729 / M /62, dated 11/5/1363, issued by Branch 8 of the Central Office of Islamic Revolutionary Court, am sentenced to three years’ imprisonment with the inclusion of the period of pre-trial detention, and am currently imprisoned in the Police Prison of Zahedan.  In order to facilitate and accelerate the proceedings with respect to some of my affairs, I request, if deemed advisable, [that you] provide the Zahedan Office of Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor with the necessary judicial delegation so that I may take advantage of its legal benefits.


Respectfully, Tarazollah Hakiman




23/1/1365 [12 April 1986]


From the Police Prison of Zahedan, wing 3, room 6.

[Handwritten notes, number and date at the bottom of the page]


In the Name of God


With respect:  the original copy of the prisoner’s request has been viewed by the Assistant Supervisor of the Prison.


[Signature] Lieutenant [Illegible]



23/1/1365 [12 April 1986]


In the Name of God


The original copy of the request of the above-mentioned has been forwarded to the Central Office of Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor for the appropriate action.


Assistant [Supervisor] of the Prison

[Signature] Saghi 23/1/1365 [12 April 1986]